Pro Warrington 5050 Struximity Leather Proximity & Structural Boots – Size: 15E


Wearforce Toe protector is resin impregnated and highly impervious. Used in other tough environment applications for durability, it outlasts natural and synthetic leathers by a factor of five.
Athletic Vibram Racer Sole with Fire and Ice compound-brand new and exclusive to PRO boots. Provides great traction, durability, and turn-on-a-dime maneuverability. Fire and Ice sole compound improves winter traction on ice and snow.
Roomy Bulldog steel toe, full steel protective bottom plate and ladder shank. Another first in firefighter footwear.
Defender Shaft. After 30 years it’s still the reputed leader for rugged durability and protection against extreme temperatures.
Full Crosstech Moisture Barrier. The leader in moisture barriers for the fire service is waterproof and highly breathable.