NC Men’s Non-Slip Hiking Shoes Outdoor Hiking Shoes Casual Fashion Leather Men’s Tooling Boots


1. The upper material, select high-quality leather with craftsmanship, retain the characteristics of the leather, add bright colours, and reflect the casual and wild style of Martin boots.
2; Decorative features, the outer layer of the carrying is woven with nine-section pure cotton rope, and the middle is made of nanometer polymer fibers for flexibility and durability.
3. Suture technology, double reinforcement suture technology, the corner stitches are smooth and firm, and the details reflect the attitude.
4. The sole material, high-quality non-slip rubber and wear-resistant outsole, meets your needs in various occasions and accompanies you in your footsteps.
5. After-sales service, for a better shopping experience, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us