N.Y.L.A. Danner Boots Mens High Ground 8 inch 1000G Insulated Waterproof (46228) Size 9 EE Brown 9 Wide


Danner’ stop-grain, velvet-like nubuck and oil it to improve its water resistance. This leather upper is extremely durable, while offering a shorter and more comfortable break-in period. It’s then paired with abrasion-resistant, camo-dyed polyester to reduce the overall weight of the boot.
100 percent waterproof and breathable, GORE-TEX liners ensure that no water gets in, while allowing sweat and moisture to get out.
Ghillies across the forefoot give a secure fit, while locking speed hooks at the top provide quick, easy lacing.
Realtree Xtra camo utilizes a robust light and dark pattern plus a multi-directional layout that creates an incredibly 3D effect. Good for all times of the day and year.
High-performance insulation that keeps you warm in the snow and rain without weighing you down.