kybun Mens’s”Sargans Sand” leather BOOT 13


There’s nothing more comfortable! | The kybun shoe is hard to compare with any other shoe. Walking on a springy, elastic air-cushion sole gives you a unique feeling of lightness and well-being. From the first step, you will be captivated and after that, there is no looking back.
Foot climate system | The airy honeycomb structure of the kybun shoe creates an air cushion between your foot and the ground. Every step pumps a fifth of the air volume into the foot space to cre­ate a comfortable shoe climate.
Foot sensor technology | The kybun shoe‘s flexible, cushioned trampoline sole allows your feet to feel every detail of the ground, which stimulates the health-promoting receptors in your feet
Air-cushion sole | The novel kybun sole consists of specially developed multi-component polyurethane (PU), into which many tiny air bubbles have been sealed. This elastic springy air pad enables optimal cushioning.
Made in Switzerland, from the best materials with over 100 production steps and latest technologies.