Dynafit TLT8 Expedition CR Boot – Men’s Poseidon/Fluo Orange, 25.5


The TLT8 Expedition has been revamped in all the right ways for 2020. If you are looking for a medium flex boot that demands only the best from the skin track, the Expedition is exactly what you are looking for. A 60 degree cuff articulation and a forward lean of either 11 or 16 degrees gives you optimal performance both on the uphill and downhill.
Dynafit reworked their entire TLT line for the 2020 season by breaking down the boots weak points and improving where necessary. First step was doing away with the wired cuff strap and adding a ladder buckle to increase the durability of the TLT8. This allows the Expedition to withstand a much higher force when reaching down on the cuff for an optimal stiffness and fit.
The TLT8 still features the 1 buckle system, the Ultra-Lock 4.0, to make it easy to go from walk to ski mode in a matter of seconds. the Speed-nose that is not new to Dynafits line helps create a more natural feel when skinning up the track. And finally the Pomoca rubber sole allows you to walk and climb over any obstacle in your path.