Buying Guide For Best Volleyball Net Sets

When played at a high level, volleyball may be a beautiful sport. The athleticism, quickness, and power of elite players are impressive. But one among the simplest things about volleyball is that it’s an excellent game regardless of what the players’ skill level. A game of volleyball within the backyard or at the beach may be a lot of fun whether you’re hosting a barbecue, throwing a birthday celebration, or simply enjoying a summer afternoon.

One of the simplest ways to introduce your family to the sport is by purchasing a volleyball set. Beginner-level sets don’t cost much, and that they have everything required to start out playing right out of the box.

We’ve checked out the available volleyball sets and written this guide to assist you to discover the proper set for you. If you’re able to buy, take a glance at a number of the volleyball sets that we expect to stand out from the remainder.

One of the simplest reasons to possess a transportable volleyball set is so you’ll play anywhere. this sort of set fits inside a carrying case and goes up quickly.


When considering different volleyball sets, it’s helpful to believe your experience with the sport and the way you propose to use the set. If you’re a fanatical player, you would possibly like better to install a permanent set in your yard. If you would like to play occasionally at the park or the beach, a transportable set could be more your style. the first differences between these two types of volleyball sets are durability and price.


A permanent volleyball set is often found out indoors or outdoors. it’s a regulation-size net and poles that are extremely stable and sturdy. the steadiness of the internet and poles is especially important during highly competitive play, but even in casual games, the internet must remain intact if struck by a player or ball. The poles and nets in permanent sets are designed to face up to rough play. The poles should have some quite padding because they won’t subside if players crash into them.

The poles in some permanent volleyball sets are often removed and stored, like in sets utilized in a faculty gym. this enables the ground to be used for other activities like basketball. If the volleyball set is for your yard, you would possibly want to permanently install the poles. If you’re a significant player, you would possibly find a permanent set to be more appropriate.


A portable volleyball set is often found out and brought down quickly and simply and used on grass or sand. You’ll rarely find a transportable volleyball set that’s used for indoor play. Most portable sets have a telescoping or sectioned poles. They aren’t as durable as poles used for permanent installation, and that they could collapse if hit with enough force. Portable sets are less costly than permanent sets. As a general rule, most recreational players trying to find a volleyball set for infrequent use outdoors are going to be proud of a transportable volleyball set that will attend the park or the beach.


A typical portable volleyball set for the home there is many elements. With these things, you ought to be ready to begin playing immediately with none additional equipment.

Poles: In many at-home volleyball sets, the poles collapse right down to a smaller size to be more portable, and a few are telescoping. Other poles contain multiple sections that you simply need to assemble. The poles during an n at-home set have a smaller diameter and are lighter than poles in a permanent set. Maximum high-level permanent volleyball sets designed for competitive play only include the control poles and control net and no other gear. these things will contain high-quality materials and construction, ensuring a superb level of gameplay.

Stakes: The poles during a volleyball set intended for outdoor use are secured to the bottom using ropes and stakes, almost like those wont to secure a tent. You’ll get to supply your hammer or mallet to drive the stakes into the bottom.

Net: internet attaches securely to the poles, and therefore the poles are positioned the net is taut, not sagging. Some nets in at home volleyball sets are shorter than control length. this is often a pleasant feature for two-on-two or three-on-three games or games with young children.

Boundary markers: Some volleyball sets accompany ropes or straps that attach to the bottom to stipulate the court’s boundaries.

Ball: Outdoor portable volleyball sets usually include a ball, but don’t expect a high-quality ball in a cheap set. The ball could have a rubbery texture or a harder exterior than a politician volleyball. For more enjoyable gameplay, you would possibly want to substitute a politician indoor or outdoor volleyball for the one that comes together with your set.

Pump: Many sets that include a ball often include a vacuum pump, too. A properly inflated volleyball creates a more enjoyable playing experience and improves the lifespan of the ball.

Carrying bag: All the equipment within the volleyball set fits inside an accompanying bag, making it easy to require your set anywhere.


Inexpensive: the smallest amount of expensive volleyball sets cost $25 to $75. These are portable sets that won’t get up to rough play.

Mid-range: These portable volleyball sets cost $75 to $250 and contain higher-quality materials. These work nicely for semi-competitive outdoor games.

Expensive: You’ll pay anywhere from $250 to a couple of thousand dollars for poles and a net designed for permanent installation. If you play competitively, you’ll need the steadiness and quality afforded by this level of kit.


  • Look for steel cable within the net. A high-quality net made for competitive play has steel cable inside the sides. this enables you to simply tighten the internet and helps the internet hold its shape. Cheaper sets have rope inside the sides of the internet.
  • Watch out for wind. The poles and nets in some inexpensive volleyball sets can’t get up to high winds.
  • Set the internet at the right height. make sure you’ll adjust the peak of the internet within the volleyball set. Regulation net height for men is 7.97 feet; for ladies, it’s 7.35 feet. for youngsters ten and under, internet height is 7 feet for boys and 6.5 feet for women.
  • Store the equipment indoors. Portable volleyball net sets aren’t made to be left up all year. Exposure to the weather will greatly shorten its usable lifespan. Takedown and store the equipment during a garage or shed when you’re not using it.


Here are other products we considered that didn’t make our top picks. For a cheap portable volleyball set, the Goplus Portable Training Net may be a nice choice. it’s a net that adjusts between 2.5 and 5 feet high, which is great for teenagers just learning the sport. For a cheap set with a typical length net and good-quality equipment, we just like the Triumph Sports Competition Volleyball Set. If you’ve got a much bigger budget, the Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic delivers a high-quality net and durable, two-inch diameter poles made for outdoor use at the beach or the backyard. once you can’t drive stakes or poles into the bottom, inspect the cool design of the HLC Portable 3-in-1 Net with Stand. internet extends upward from a base that doubles because of the carrying case.

You can swap out certain components of the volleyball set for your gear, like if you would like to use a higher-quality net or ball.

Question And Answer

Q: Will a transportable volleyball set work for indoor play?

Answer: Inexpensive portable sets just like the ones we highlight are made more for recreational outdoor play. For more serious indoor play, you’ll need a regulation net. Players can adjust the peak and tension of this sort of net. And it connects to extremely sturdy poles that fit into sockets embedded within the floor.

Q: How do I secure the poles during a portable volleyball set?

Answer: Most portable sets use stakes and ropes to secure the poles to the bottom. With other sets, you drive the ends of the poles into the bottom. a choice is to make anchors for the poles. Some people fill two large buckets with cement or sand, sink a PVC pipe within the center of every bucket, then slide the volleyball poles into the PVC pipes to secure them.

Q: Am I able to create a permanent volleyball set in my backyard?

Answer: If you desire a more permanent volleyball setup, you’ve got that option. Just sink control volleyball poles in cement in your grass or sand backyard court. Then purchase a regulation net that you simply can hang for games or practice and takedown for storage.

Q: How long does it fancy found out a volleyball set?

Answer: If you’ve got the poles in situ, hanging the internet between them only takes a few minutes. Just make certain to roll internet up before storing it to avoid tangles that you’ll need to spend time undoing subsequent time you would like to play. If you would like to line up the poles, too, it takes five to 10 minutes.

Things to think about Before Buying Best net

Volleyball undoubtedly is a tremendous sport which is the reason why more and more people are considering playing it on a routine basis. If you’re looking to play volleyball, buying the simplest outdoor net is vital and initiative. Since you can’t buy the internet every now then, it might be good to take a position during a right one. Take a glance on the way to choose the proper net for you, consider these points.

Indoor vs Outdoor

Choosing the place you almost certainly would play volleyball is important to select the simplest net set. Usually, people play this sport outdoors within the backyard or at a park, so in such cases, an outside net will do the work well.

Since the indoor space isn’t that enormous enough to accommodate the net, the simplest choice would be an outdoor net. Plus, it entirely depends on your choice whether you would like to travel for indoor or outdoor. to shop for the simplest outdoor net, browse your requirements and find the one that suits your needs.

Unless you’ve got a really large indoor area, you’d want an outside net or system.

Net or net system

Some parks or beach areas have already got courts found out so for that, you would like a net which is all. an area where you would like to line up the entire court area, investment in the complete net system is required that has poles and few extra accessories. aside from that, you’ve got to mark the places like boundaries or a pump, etc.

Portable or in-ground system

Yet another important factor to think about is how serious you’re about playing volleyball. If you’re a significant player, you would possibly consider installing permanent poles and also if you reside in a warm climate where you’ll play volleyball year-round, it might be an excellent option.

Other than that, just bringing the portable net system is preferred if you reside in harsh winter weather. As you can’t keep it up installing poles frequently, a portable net system is usually recommended as an alternative. Once you’re done playing volleyball, remove the internet and return home!

No doubt, in-ground systems are permanent and the right choice for a significant player. If you would like to play in your park, choose a transportable net alternatively pick the in-ground net system to tug the game off somewhere near the beach.

Weight and size

Different sizes of nets are available to settle on from. to put on the internet is already setup area, you would like a compact net which inserts across the poles properly. aside from that, if you’re employing a full net system then you ought to choose setting it up in your backyard or park area.

There are small also as bigger net systems and you ought to also consider the load and material too. While the portable nets are available steel, carbon fiber, and, aluminum, etc. you’ll pick the one which is straightforward to hold and store.

Easy to use

Always choose an internet system that’s easy to line up and use. While every net system has different specifications and involves using some basic tools, it’s recommended to take position money within the one that keeps you easy while installing.

If you’ve got access to beaches or public courts, you don’t get to think much about the convenience factor whereas for the backyard or park area, surely you would like to think about the simplest net for the backyard area, wherever you are feeling convenient.

Are you the one that frequently moves the net? If this is often the case, you would like an internet system that set up quickly and simply, isn’t it? Just confirm to be quick and skillful while installing.


Brand name does matter but there are brands that not everyone knows but still have good Nobility. While buying the internet, confirm you check the reviews to urge a top quality product and don’t focus much on the brand. Since brand names cost above the generic brands, consider your budget then pick the internet set.

Optional accessories

Some net sets are equipped with special features and accessories that help in improving your experience within the game. search for the sets with scorekeeping systems or some that are wireless. These features are great if you’re a significant player, so confirm you get all of them as they’re nice to possess.

How To Hang A Volleyball Net

Whether played indoors or outdoors, volleyball may be a fun and energetic game with a simple setup process. albeit you’ve never hung up a court, doing so is straightforward once you get the hang of it. As long as you’ve got 2 poles, a net, and a volleyball antenna, you’ll take hang your net up in any court. Before you recognize it, you will have your net found out and prepared to go!

1. Method

Securing Indoor Posts


Remove the ground plates with an Allen wrench. Most volleyball nets are secured to the bottom through floor plates. Locate the holes in each floor plate, shop your Allen wrench, and twist the wrench until you pry the plate loses.

  • You can buy most sports supply stores or online.


Place the poles into the bottom. Lift the pole and insert it into the opening, holding it upright as you are doing so. As you lower the pole into the bottom, it should click into place and stay upright without holding it.

  • Repeat this process with both poles.
  • If the pole doesn’t secure into the bottom, the opening could also be dirty or blocked. Remove the pot and check for obstructions, removing any dust or debris as required.


Adjust the volleyball poles to the specified height. Twist the volleyball poles at rock bottom of the feet to boost or lower its height. If you would like to form the poles above they will naturally go or your poles do not have adjustable feet, insert volleyball pole spacers at rock bottom. The regulated net height for the subsequent volleyball teams are:

  • Men’s volleyball poles height: 7 ft 11 inches (2.41 meters).
  • Women’s volleyball poles height: 7 ft 4 inches (2.23 meters).
  • Wheelchair or sitting volleyball poles height: 4 ft 11 inches (1.5 meters).
  • Senior volleyball poles height: 7 ft 2 inches (2.1 meters).
  • Children’s volleyball poles height: 6 ft 6 inches (1.98 meters) -7 ft 4 inches (2.23 meters).


Attach internet rope to both poles. Locate the post take up the lower half each volleyball pole. Tie all sides of internet rope to the post hook during a knot and thread the rope through the winch leader strap, a strap with a metal connector that hangs on the volleyball pole’s side.


Tighten the winch to secure the internet. Grab the winch, the handle jutting out of the pole’s side, and switch it until the middle of the internet reaches the specified height. the middle height should match the regulation requirement for men’s, women’s, co-ed, or other volleyball groups.

  • If you can’t reach the specified net height, try tightening the winch further or adjusting the pole height again.


Attach and tighten internet straps. The net should have 2 additional net straps: 1 within the middle and 1 on rock bottom. Grab internet straps and secure them to the hooks on each pole until the straps are horizontal and parallel to the bottom.


Tie the ropes off to the top posts. If you notice any excess rope from internet straps or net rope, loop it over the ropes and tie it in situ. this may prevent tripping and injuries caused by the ropes while you play volleyball.

  • Hold the ropes in situ with loose knots to form removing the ropes simpler afterward.


Attach volleyball antennas to the internet to identify fouls easier. Volleyball antennas mark the out of boundary lines and help watcher call fouls. Position the volleyball antenna over the net’s top and secure it in situ with a clip or other object, counting on the manufacturer.

  • Although not necessary to play, volleyball antennas can keep the sport fair.

2. Method

Setting Up Outdoor Volleyball Posts


Measure and mark the spot for your volleyball net poles. If you’re playing on an outside sandpit, your poles should be within the middle of the court. Mark the spot for a volleyball pole on each side of the court with stakes or another small object.

  • If you’re playing on an open field, the length should be about 60 feet (18 m) and therefore the width should be 30 feet (9.1 m). Place the volleyball poles within the middle on all sides.
  • Set up your net on level ground to stop tripping or field injuries.


Unroll the internet within the middle of the court. Position the internet so that it completely spans across the center of the court. Lay your posts down on all sides of the internet to line up while you’re employed.

  • Keep in mind that each outdoor net is different—read the precise instructions while you’re employed to form sure you set it up correctly.


Adjust the post height to the specified setting. Inspect each post for a button or switch that permits you to boost or lower its height. Adjust both post’s heights to the specified length counting on your preference or one among the subsequent regulation net heights.

  • Men’s volleyball poles height: 7 ft 11 inches (2.41 meters).
  • Women’s volleyball poles height: 7 ft 4 inches (2.23 meters).
  • Wheelchair or sitting volleyball poles height: 4 ft 11 inches (1.5 meters).
  • Senior volleyball poles height: 7 ft 2 inches (2.1 meters).
  • Children’s volleyball poles height: 6 ft 6 inches (1.98 meters) -7 ft 4 inches (2.23 meters).


Connect the swivel clip and extend the guylines. Open the highest of the swivel clip and hook it through the highest net hook. Extend the rules connected to the clip out and faraway from the sector, laying each guideline about 8–10 feet (2.4–3.0 m) apart.

  • The swivel clip is that the metallic hook attached to the guylines, which should be 2 strong and thick ropes.


Dig the bottom stakes through the guyline. Evry guyline should have a loop around the last. Insert the bottom stakes through the guyline’s end loops and into the dirt using your hands or a mallet.

  • Insert the bottom stakes at an angle, towards the court, for added support.


Set the pole upright. Grab the pole and position it equitable, using the guylines as support. If the pole falls over or the lines go slack, remove the bottom stakes and reposition them further faraway from the post.

  • To further support the posts and keep them equitable during the sport, pull down on each guyline until they be equal with.
man idea


  • Volleyball nets are tough to line up alone. Use a lover as a group of additional hands while holding up the poles or adjusting the peak.
  • If any net parts seem to be missing, contact the manufacturer and invite instructions or a replacement.
  • It’s best to understand the way to do that so you’ll easily found out before a practice or game, so you’ll plow ahead and begin warming up. do that before every game or practice.