Best Senston Badminton Rackets Buying Guide

Being a Badminton player you would like to win each game that you simply play and what enables you to urge through aside from your prowess the racket your racket. Therefore, it becomes highly essential that this significant arsenal should be sturdy and cozy enough to assist you conquer the opponent.But the way to decide which one is that magical one? What one has got to search for before choosing the one?Although, Senston badminton rackets promise to deliver the expected outcome, yet you want to search for certain aspects to make sure you get a top quality racket. the straightforward guide follows has been created to serve that purpose. 


Types of Badminton Rackets

There are various sorts of badminton rackets. Understanding them could assist you make a far better decision. you want a rackets than click here.

Top 10 Badminton Rackets Is Below

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Badminton rackets  buying guide review .We have spent 18 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, This is what they think:

Lightweight Rackets

These rackets are lightweight, and hence are often very comfortable. Newbies and youngsters can handle them easily.

Heavyweight Rackets

These rackets are heavier but offer excellent balance points and are generally meant for professional badminton players. They assist you deliver a power-packed performance during the sport 

Towel Grip Rackets

These rackets accompany an edge that absorbs sweat and keeps your hands moisture-free. It offers a firm grip and allows you to move the racket more efficiently.

Synthetic Grip Rackets

They are smoother than towel grip rackets and obtain less dirty so need fewer replacements than towel grip rackets. they’ll make your palms sweaty.

Regular Tension Rackets

You can test string tension by sinking your palm into the strings of the racket. If they sink 1mm, you’ve got regular tension rackets. These are awesome for beginners.

High Tension Rackets

These have higher string tension than regular tension rackets. They’re employed by professionals or players who are playing badminton for a short time . They assist you hit the shuttlecock harder!

Following are the factors you would like to think about before selecting the one you would like .

Balance Point

The balance point is that the area where the load of the racket is primarily located and you want to know where exactly is that the balance point of a racket you’re selecting. Head heavy rackets have more mass towards the top of your racket while head light rackets have less mass towards the top of the racket. the previous allows you to be on top of things during longer exchanges while the latter allows you to be speedy. If you’re just starting, you’ll cash in of both the choices by picking an evenly balanced Senston badminton racquet .


Weight Matters

Always select a badminton racquet consistent with its weight. The heavier it’s , the upper its agility are going to be . Though most of the people choose rackets between 80 to 100 grams, we recommend you stick with the lighter version. Senston badminton rackets just like the Senston N80 Graphite may be a good option because it weighs just 80 grams and isn’t made from aluminum. It’s made by using graphite, resin, and good quality plastic.

Grip Material

The grip of a racket can make an enormous difference during a game. There are two grip options available; Towel grip that’s soft and absorbs sweat but also creates a multitude . Synthetic grip where you don’t get sweat absorption, but it’s hassle-free. The simplest Senston badminton rackets accompany the latter feature.We also review some shoes for more click here.

Grip Size

The grip size of Senston badminton rackets usually depends on how big or bulky the racket is. Some people love it to be big to make sure that they generate more power while others prefer alittle grip because it improves your maneuverability.

Pros and Cons


If you select the proper product with the proper features like Senston badminton rackets feature, you’ll have more control and faster reactions. once you choose the rightly weighed racket, you’ll have more strength and stamina because the racket won’t bog you down.


If you decide on the incorrect Senston badminton racquet , you would possibly find yourself with joint pain and body pressure.


If you’re just a beginner, you’d n’t want to spend tons of cash on a racket as you’re unsure how often you would play. In such a scenario, you ought to consider affordable Senston badminton rackets. In contrast, if you’re knowledgeable , you ought to not bother about price but quality and value for money. The Senston badminton rackets for beginners cost around $34 while the rackets for professionals cost about $66. Both options provide exceptional value for money!



In essence, you would like to dig deep and find a racket that you simply can handle for long and obtain an honest game. Senston is that the brand worth trying because they are available with a dynamic built and that they are affordable also . If you would like more help choose , you can visit our top Stokes for more click here.